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I don’t even know where to begin. All I know is that it’s getting worse and we’re all falling apart. I don’t know if its only one of our faults or all of ours or no ones at all. So if I tell you my story can you please tell me what went wrong?

It started last year, in the summer. One of my best friends (C) liked our other friend. We were a group of four, just to clarify. Anyway, she (V) wasn’t interested in him at all and she asked our other friend (F) to tell him for her. I felt sorry for C so we began talking more and eventually we ended up going out. It was good, new and exciting and fresh, but I was too scared to let it evolve too far in case I hurt him so I ended it. We became closer friends than we ever had been. C started to like V again, and despite her having a crush on another guy (K), this time she went out with him. F still says its only because she deemed him ‘good enough’ because I went out with him.

For a long time everything was going great. C was completely in love with V, and despite V not being totally into it at first she seemed to be slowly reciprocating his feelings. In November F moved away, but it was okay because we would all keep in contact. Well at least C and myself did, but in spite of V being her ‘best friend’ she barely tried. She would see F if C invited her over but that was about it. Things continued, a little different but okay because I was still around to bridge any awkward gaps in C and V’s relationship. In March, everything broke.

K told V that he’d liked her for months and months, since her and C began dating. It should have just passed by unnoticed but V started talking to K more than usual, claiming that they were ‘close friends’ and that ‘despite his feelings for me I still have the right to be mates with him’. The only problem was that they weren’t close before so alarm bells started ringing. C and I both were worried but left it alone, waiting for it to pass. It didn’t. I confronted V and told her it wasn’t fair, that she had to respect C’s feelings. She became volatile. She told F that I had gave her ‘abuse’ and that I was a liar and I was trying to break C and her up. My friend, L, stood up for me and C, only to be called disgusting names like ‘scum’. Shortly after I found out that F was being told different things from me. We visited C without V knowing and he told us that she puts him down all the time and that whenever he says something she’ll contradict him and if he tries to tell V she’s wrong, she stops talking to him. F told him that it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world of they broke up. 20 minutes after leaving C’s, F got a text from V claiming that F had been nasty about her behind her back. F told her exactly how she felt about the entire situation and V said that she gave up caring about F when she moved away. F was hurt by this, they had been such close friends at one point, so she turned to C for an explanation. He told her that none of us could be friends with him until we’d made up with V.

I think this is entirely unfair and that this relationship is completely toxic. I need help, in case I’m being biased. I want my best friend, C, back. Not the guy that poisonous bitch has turned him into to. Please, help.

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Looking to revive this blog. Anyone interested in rp-ing with me, this is an independent Kenny rp blog :3 thanks :3

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2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner is not to be trusted

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just look at how happy this turtle looks i mean how can you not like this picture


You lucky people who follow me get a sneak peek:

We still haven’t tested one or two things, so it’s still not concrete. BUT! We really want it to happen. Details will be revealed in the next stream announcement (hopefully).

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Tumblr on We Heart It.

Looks like my Christmas shopping is done.